Scholarship Fund

2019 Recipient : Paige Harlan

(Pictured Left to Right: Paige W/ her Parents) Brandie Ardeno, Paige Harlan, Terry Ardeno

Paige Harlan is the first recipient to be awarded the Living Water’s Church of God Scholarship 2019. She is currently a senior at Geneva College and very active at the church. You will often find her working behind the sound booth at Living Water’s and maintaining the church website. When she is not at the church, you will probably find her volunteering at school. She is very active with the VITA program through the accounting department completing people’s taxes free of charge. Paige is currently double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration. Paige says that she is very blessed and so thankful to the Lord and the generous donors for this scholarship!
(Left to Right: Paige W/ Church Council) Bill Burns, Mike Burns, Paige Harlan, Nena Interval, Terry Ardeno
(Left to Right: Paige W/ Scholarship Committee) Amy Burns, Paige Harlan, Nena Interval, Matt Talerico