Come and Join us on Sunday!

We invite you to come worship with us this Sunday. Sunday school for all ages begins at 9:30 AM and the service starts at 10:30. If you don’t have a home to church to attend, then we invite you to pay a visit to Living Waters.

I Can Only Imagine

Mercy Me lead singer Bart Millard told how he wrote this song quickly. He spoke of how when his father died there were people who told him that his dad wanted to be with Jesus. Bart, at his young age, wondered why his dad would leave him to go and be with Jesus. When he got older he penned the lyrics to this song. Look closely as the empty picture frames being held up get filled with photos of loved ones who have gone before. See how many Christian music stars you can spot in this video. Bart is on the steps with a photo of his dad toward the end of the video.

Website Changes

We decided to no longer use the hosting company we were using for our website. This way allows us much more flexibility at a lower price.

Please be patient while we put all the content back. All of the recorded messages would have to be transferred to these new computer servers so we will probably will only go back as far as January 2012.